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Mercedes King of the Jungle announced as Nominees for the 16th Annual VES Awards Visual Effects Society

I’m chuffed to bits to receive another VES nomination this year with Mercedes and very proud of the team here at Framestore !

Congratulations to the Mercedes King of the Jungle team for the VES nomination for Outstanding Visual Effects in a Commercial and Outstanding Animated Character in a Commercial.


Creating a giant chocolate hen for ASDA

Framestore and myself worked closely with Director Gary Freedman and the creatives from VCCP to achieve great results on these three spots.

This is type of project that only comes once in a while, it’s one of those exciting funny one-off projects where it was possible to really push the boundaries and create something unique and hyper-realistic.

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VFX Reel 2015

I am pretty chuffed with the feedback I’ve been getting on my VFX Reel 2015. It has reached more than 4.000 views on Vimeo in less than a month and it’s been shared and featured on websites like CGSociety, MotionGraphics Collective, 3DCowboy, VFX channels on vimeo and even in some blogs in Japan.

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VFX Supervision for FOX Sports

I have just come back from Florida, US where we shot two golf players for the US Open (golf) spot which will be aired in the american channel FOX Sports. Rickie Fowler and Keegan Bradley were our talents.

The shoot started at 9am and the wrap was 7pm.

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On set for Adidas

The film shows the most recognisable German players from their national team in their own inner “personas” all shot in B&W in a very dramatic and moody fashion with a very fast paced edit.
The players ranged from Ozil as a tribe warrior going through a ritual that involves branding his number on his back using a hot branding iron, following onto seeing Muller as a knight in shining armour on a horse and briefly revealing his “inner” army, to Schweinsteiger’s speed and “animal” strength to finally seeing Neuer replicating himself as several samurais in a field.
These “inner personnas” made a very strong visual film, showing each players skills and “identity” by stylising their own trademarks.

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On set for Pepsi

I had the chance to be VFX Supervisor of the Pepsi NYC Soundcheck spot.  All the back plates were shot on location in NYC.  A first draft of the edit was done so we could shoot the practical hands in the Black Island Studios in London. Afterwards in post we joined these two sets of live action in comp.

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