Creating a giant chocolate hen for ASDA

Framestore and myself worked closely with Director Gary Freedman and the creatives from VCCP to achieve great results on these three spots.

This is type of project that only comes once in a while, it’s one of those exciting funny one-off projects where it was possible to really push the boundaries and create something unique and hyper-realistic.

The comp team was responsible to bring the hen to life, making sure shadows and light interactions were applied where needed, making the hen looking as real as possible. The biggest challenge was to match and avoid double shadows on the floor and line up some of the CG geometries to live action elements.

A frame of the final spot

The shoot took 4 days in different environments. We shot inside houses, streets, Asda car park, Asda Store and even on a muddy field in Amersham – that involved a real rabbit acting against a greenscreen! We took loads of pictures on location and got camera information for every single shot.

On Location in the ASDA car park – Hayes – London/UK
Set of Panavision Prime Lenses
DOP Peter Suschitzky lines up a shot with 1st AC David Venen


We all really got into this project and everyone put their oar in, and I believe the results show just how incredible the talent was in the team we had.
Gray and silver ball in action in Amersham High Street
Greenscreen on location
HMI, net, diffusion and Octodome in use


I can personally say that I am very proud of the team involved and over the moon with the final results.
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