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SSE – Maya

The photo-real great ape has won three VES awards for Outstanding Compositing, Outstanding Animation and Outstanding VFX.

Adidas – Battlepack

The dramatic online spot, shot entirely in black and white, displays the ‘inner personas’ of some of Germany’s most famous football players.

Pepsi – Soundcheck NYC

Pepsi’s half time shows at the Super Bowl are legendary with the world’s leading artists lining up to entertain millions of viewers and adoring fans.

Playstation – Perfect day

Spot for PlayStation, ‘Perfect Day’ tracks gamers through worlds of sword fighting, car racing, aliens and spaceships blowing each other up as players serenely sing in the style of Lou Reed.

Smithwicks – Squirrel

Adam&eveDDB, Director Simon McQuoid and Gorgeous bring Smithwick’s back to our screens, in the form of a beer-making photo-real CG red squirrel.
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