IMAX Movies

Advertising firm “Mistress Agency” boldly proclaimed IMAX’s love for movies in a massive, cinematic 60-second brand film: the first commercial ever to be shot entirely in IMAX. An epic love letter to the medium of movies, the brand film pays homage to all of the genres that make IMAX so special, and serves as a reminder to fans everywhere of all the reasons they love movies.

VFX SupervisorLeo Costa
DirectorAsh Bolland
DoPLachlan Milne





Do you believe in “the power of film?” Do you often say to yourself, “I feel movies. I dream movies. I live movies.” Well, maybe that’s because you simply “love movies … IMAX movies,” that is!

It seems the folks at IMAX have partnered with the advertising firm, “Mistress Agency,” to produce the first ever commercial shot entirely in the IMAX format.

The result is this newly-released faux movie trailer that borrows elements from several different genres (action, sci-fi, comic-book) and features a number of action-packed scenes that were made to look like some of the most memorable IMAX blockbusters in recent years (Gravity, Iron Man, Mission: Impossible, Deadpool, etc).

Shot with the brand-new IMAX ALEXA 65 camera and directed by commercial helmer Ash Bolland, the 60-second trailer will be playing in a theatre near you in the coming weeks, as a part of an all-new IMAX campaign that will include “I Love IMAX Movies” posters and digital ads.