VFX Supervisor

Ubisoft – Starlink

I’ve had the chance to collaborate once again with Director Dan DiFelice on this striking visual piece for the launch of the game Starlink, for Ubisoft.

Sony Wildebeest

VFX artists worked with Sony to promote the Alpha 7 camera.

Mercedes – King of the Jungle

Director and long-time collaborator Daniel Kleinman at Rattling Stick, MarkenFilm GmbH, and creative agency Antoni, deliver the campaign ‘King of the City Jungle’ for the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

Black Mirror – Playtest

The future is bright, they tell us. We say, define ‘bright’.

IMAX Movies

First Commercial shot on an Alexa 65 camera.

VFX Reel

Showreel with some of the best moments of the last five years.

Adidas – Battlepack

The dramatic online spot, shot entirely in black and white, displays the ‘inner personas’ of some of Germany’s most famous football players.

Pepsi – Soundcheck NYC

Pepsi’s half time shows at the Super Bowl are legendary with the world’s leading artists lining up to entertain millions of viewers and adoring fans.