Shot Breakdown

MPC – Sky Southbank Awards – 2010 – Nuke

Integrated live action with CG. Included pictures on the wall and floor using 3D projections. Added glow and replaced live action sign with CG.


NFTS – All men’s dead – 2012 – Nuke

Integrated greenscreen characters with 3D projection of Matte Painting. Added live action clouds, fire, smoke and rain.

The Mill – Guinness The Flag – 2011 – Nuke

Replaced sky with matte painting. Added CG army and live action dust, smoke and rain elements.


The Mill – Wunderfull Muller – 2011 – Nuke

Integrated 2D characters animation with CGI compositing. Beauty, diffuse, occlusion, shadow, reflection, ID, vector, normal and z-depth pass.


Passion Pictures – Credit Confidential – 2011 – Nuke

Added 2D Animation over live action using 3D Projection technique and normal pass. Added CGI reflection, diffuse, occlusion and shadow.


BskyB – SkySports 20 years – 2011 – Nuke

Replaced sky. Added moon, live action smoke, dust, ashes, fireworks. Integrated “20 years” on live action seats. Added lights.


BskyB – MGM – 2011 – Nuke

Replaced greenscreen. Rig Removal. Added CGI “lion”, smoke and strands.


NFTS – FDA – 2011 – Nuke

Replaced live action with 3D projection of Matte Painting. Added live action clouds, dust, smoke, trees and flare.



NFTS – Playing Ghost –  2011 – Nuke

Replaced greenscreen with sea background. Added particles, dust and flare.

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